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TRIPYANA Medical focuses on all the related issues of health tourism in Turkey. TRIPYANA is trustworthy in the field of cosmetic surgery including all its types whether normal surgery or even hair transplantation in Turkey keeping credibility, dependability, and quality.


Our aim is to provide our clients wide range of medical services, which include the following points;

Seeking to provide distinguish medical services through a large number of specialized hospitals in all the medical fields;

Contracting with the best and most famous doctors in Turkey in all medical fields;

Offering you all kinds of plastic surgery and hair transplant surgery through a distinguished group of senior doctors who have years of experience in this field;

The experience of Tripyana Medical Center is more than seven years in the field of hair transplantation and laser use as well as in the field of jaw surgery, dentistry and plastic surgery;

Using a wide range of modern medical methods and techniques in all our operations;

Having the best nursing staff who tries their best to offer the comfort of the patients and meet their wishes, and sterilization of all the tools used by doctors during the operations;

Performing cosmetic operations in the field of hair transplant, which exceeds more than 350 per month;

Experience in dental operations as we can perform operations up to 80 operations per month

Services provided by Tripyana Medical Company

Since we have a long history in the field of medical, we can offer you many different services that provide you with comfort and safety during your stay in Turkey, we provide the following services:

We can offer you great hotel services, so you can feel that accommodation is not only for treatment but also a special stay in Istanbul, where you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery.

We provide you with a convenient transportation that takes you from the airport to the hospital and from the hospital to the airport. If you want to take guided tours to get to know the most important places of entertainment, we have many means of transport that take you to these places.

We have a team of medical consultants who have proven their competence in interpretation, translation of all medical reports and analysis related to patients.

To contact Tripyana Medical Center 

You can now contact us through social media, through which we will contact you 24 hours a day, and receive communications and inquiries related to the field of plastic surgery and hair transplantation in Turkey through the following means:

 Sütlüce Mah., Karaağaç Cad., N: 27 34667

Beyoğlu / İstanbul




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